Takayama Kiwa (Suzuki Kiwa)

After graduating from Kyoto Institute of Technology undergraduate Science and Technology,
she worked for Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd..
She moved to Spain in 2008 and then she learned again in the Polytechnic University of Valencia
(Universitat Politècnica de València) in the industrial design department (Ingeniería en Diseño
Industrial y Desarrollo de Productos).
She graduated the university doing the design practice at the Héctor Serrano studio.
In 2014 she backed to Japan and started activities as STUDIO KIWA.

I think, a life of a man does not need so many things,
and I hope that every products of our life are made and used in honest.

How long time does it take to wear out a piece of clothing?
In order to make it, it has to be used appropriate materials and techniques
and to be spent time and effort necessary and sufficient.

Maybe it is not good to be buried in the system of production and supply
more speedy than consumption.
Maybe it is not good to praise a job for too much effort unnecessary.

I want to continue to the design job not lose sight of honest and right balance
of making process what every product has to possess.